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These classes use a functional fitness model to build the your strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility, all while making you leaner.  The classes are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and are taught by coaches who hold the Certified Functional Strength Coach credential.  These classes consist of foam rolling and flexibility work, a full body warm-up, and a 30-40 minute full body workout. Functional fitness simply means fitness training that transfers well to other tasks and sports in your life.  We not only want to make you more fit, we want to prevent needless training injuries by selecting the right exercise variations for you.   We simply use what works to safely make you more athletic, and you develop a great physique in the process.  Students will learn exercises with their own bodyweight, with kettlebells, traditional dumbbells and barbells, suspension rings, medicine balls, the heavybag and their workout partners.   Tuesday classes focus on power-endurance while Thursday and Saturday classes focus on speed, power,  and strength.  THIS IS A GREAT CLASS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO GET FIT WITHOUT DOING ANY MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES OR FOR MARTIAL ARTISTS WHO WANT TO TAKE THEIR FITNESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

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