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MMA Team: Head Coach Jason Georgianna
MMA Competition team practices are for members who have a desire to compete in amateur or professional Mixed Martial Arts bouts. These practices are by invitation only and are very physically demanding. As opposed to the regular martial arts classes, which emphasize technical instruction, competition team practices emphasize rigorous sparring and physical conditioning. The competition team requires above average athleticism and is geared towards serious amateur and professional fighters. It is invitation only from the head coach.

Muay Thai Team: Head Coach Kobb

Participants on the Muay Thai competition team will be prepared for amateur and professional Muay Thai bouts, first in the Northwest, then nationally and abroad for advanced fighters as they progress. Participants will be put through extra sparring, padwork, and conditioning, above and beyond the regular Muay Thai classes. The Muay Thai competition team is invite only from coach Kobb.

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