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IThe Intro MMA class, taught by professional fighter Adam Fugitt, teaches students a mixture of striking and grappling techniques proven to be effective in Mixed Martial Arts competition.  This is a great class for students to gain an all around understanding of fighting and self defense and is not practiced at the same intensity level as Team MMA practices, nor does it require any prior knowledge of martial arts to participate!a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Team MMA practices are designed to cover all the aspects of preparing fighters for competition.  They are physical and complex, as they combine elements of Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Jujitsu into a usable fighting system. The most crucial aspect for the student to learn is how to combine elements from each of the aforementioned styles in the most efficient way to control or subdue an opponent. Students also learn techniques specific to MMA such as working off the fence. The focus the practices depends on the specific day, but typically are a combination of drilling technique and various types of sparring.  THIS CLASS IS INTENDED FOR COMPETITIVE FIGHTERS AND ADVANCED STUDENTS.  IT IS INVITE ONLY .

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